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The Nourish Media Group is a dynamic force reshaping the food, beverage, supplement, hospitality, and retail sectors towards healthier, more nutritious futures. Through our impactful events and curated publications, we create platforms where businesses can connect, learn, and showcase their leadership and innovations. Our prestigious awards and accreditation program not only recognise excellence but also set new standards, fostering an industry-wide environment where shared knowledge and collaboration spur market evolution and health-focused progress.


In the digital realm, our content publishing spans a comprehensive range of formats, including an extensive directory of suppliers and service providers, mobile app, webinars and podcasts. Our printed publication provides premium content that educates, informs and inspires business leaders.

Awards & Accreditation

The Nourish Industry Awards and accreditation program are central to our ethos of recognising and celebrating excellence. These accolades not only acknowledge outstanding achievements but also set benchmarks for innovation and responsible practices in the industry.


Our events are vibrant platforms for learning and networking, spanning trade shows, business conferences, and health seminars. These gatherings are designed to facilitate meaningful interactions, allowing industry professionals to connect, discover new trends, and gain insights.


Education forms the backbone of our mission. We offer a rich array of learning opportunities, both online and at our events. These educational platforms cater to a diverse audience, ranging from industry novices to seasoned professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

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